Institute of Complex Systems
Universitat de Barcelona
Institute of Complex Systems
Universitat de Barcelona
Institute of Complex Systems
Universitat de Barcelona

What is the UBICS


Complex systems are characterized by their emergent behavior as a non-trivial result of the evolution of a considerable number of microscopic units that interact with each other. Expressed in other words: the study of complex systems seeks to understand the behavior and properties of the whole system that can not be derived directly from the study of the properties of its parts in isolation.

This is the essence of the research of complex systems, where the nature of the units is irrelevant. Associated strategies to address the study of a specific phenomenon, then, may be widely shared by a large number of phenomena characteristic of various disciplines. Even we can say that the complexity of the science itself is the result of the fusion of different disciplines and approaches on the same challenge. Therefore, the study of complex systems integrates problems and merges methodologies that can have very different origins.

The creation of the UBICS will join efforts of several groups of related research that will:

  • Access to funding sources not accessible to the research groups separately
  • A greater capacity for dialogue between disciplines
  • Promoting synergies between researchers from different fields
  • Improve the quality of research Increasing scientific production in the border areas of research areas that make up the UBICS 
  • Substantially increase the innovative capacity and transfer knowledge to society
  • Consolidate and promote joint activities already developed new Increasing the visibility of social research on complex systems

The research at the Institute is structured along four major pillars. Together, they combine the exploration of new concepts in the field of Complex Systems and their application in different scientific and social disciplines.